Andrey Bogolyubsky

Andrei Bogolyubsky (Russian: Андрей Боголюбский, scientific transliteration Andrej Bogolubsky; * 1111, † 1174 ) was Prince of Vladimir and Suzdal, from 1157 Grand Prince of Kiev, Rurikide, son and successor, Yuri Dolgorukis.


Andrei was determined in 1157 by an assembly of boyars and merchants in Rostov - Suzdal prince and was initially based mainly on the boyars. Quick but the prince surrounded himself with a retinue of lower servants, sometimes even unfree. This he did on one hand, to the sympathies of the boyars, but could on the other hand to build a devoted and powerful bureaucracy.

After his father had gained control of Kiev, Andrei Bogolyubsky quickly lost interest in the now largely become meaningless city. Although he retained the title Grand Duke, however, was hardly present in Kiev and focused his rule on his tribe Principality of Rostov - Suzdal, especially on the main town of Vladimir, he was representative expand. Vladimir was the new center of Kievan Rus, Kiev during sank into insignificance, especially after the arranged by Andrei pillage of the city by his brother Mstislav in 1169th

An important step for upgrading Vladimir's should be there creating a metropolitan seat. From the Patriarch of Constantinople Opel this request was refused. Conversely refused Andrei Bogolyubsky which made ​​necessary the establishment of a new Metropolitan of Kiev. In return, granted Emperor Manuel I sold three of Andrei brothers, including his successor Vsevolod Jurjewitsch refuge.

Andreis autocratic occurrence other Rurik and the boyars against finally had his assassination in 1174 result.

After his death, there were clashes between boyars and the inhabitants machinations of Vladimir, Rostov and Suzdal, who propagated each different succession candidates. 1176, continued through the city Suzdal, the Vsevolod Jurjewitsch had accepted as ruler. This rose to even the Grand Duke.