Yuri Dolgorukiy

Yuri Dolgoruky (Russian Юрий Долгорукий, translated Yuri ( = George) Long Hand, * 1090, † May 15, 1157 in Kiev ), of the family of Rurik, son of Vladimir Monomakh, was Prince of Rostov, Grand Duke of Kievan Rus and founder of Moscow.


Under his rule falls expansion phase of the Principality, which will allow the hitherto dominant Kiev finally took its crown as the most important Russian principality. Many, excited by the Western Romanesque churches and fortifications built on his initiative. In addition, Yuri moved in 1125 the princely seat of Rostov to Suzdal.

1149-1151 and 1155-1157 he was in a phase of disputes within the Rurik Dynasty and the Grand Prince of Kiev. The city was at this time, however, already in decline and had lost some of their importance, especially in Novgorod. Juris son Andrei Bogolyubsky obviously had no interest in Kiev. Although he retained the title Grand Duke concentrated his rule but otherwise in Suzdal.


Yuri Dolgoruky regarded as the founder of Moscow. The first mention of the city from the year 1147 is associated with it. In 1156 the fortress Moskow had been built on the edge of his territory, so this year is often referred to as the date of the Moscow Kremlin.


After Dolgoruky 's first nuclear -powered submarine of the Russian Borei class was named, which was launched in 2007.