Alexandrov, Vladimir Oblast

Alexandrov (Russian Александров ) is a Russian city with 61 551 inhabitants (as of October 14, 2010 ) in the Vladimir Oblast. It is located approximately 100 km north-east of Moscow and 125 km north- west of the regional capital Vladimir, on the banks of the river Seraiah from the catchment area of the Klyazma. The nearest towns are Strunino (8 miles west) and Karabanowo (9 km south).


Alexandrov was first mentioned in Russian documents in the 14th century and was originally called Alexandrova Sloboda ( слобода Александрова, literally " Alexander settlement "). Beginning of the 16th century built the Moscow Grand Prince Vasily III. there a small hunting lodge to the Grand Duke residence. Around the same time, the 1513 completed and until today preserved Trinity Cathedral was built in Alexandrova Sloboda.

In the year to 1564, Tsar Ivan the Terrible in the Sloboda sat down and made ​​the place for 17 years the de facto capital of his newly formed empire. In those years there numerous magnificent buildings were erected. After Ivan had his son, the Crown Prince Ivan, killed in November 1581 in the Alexandrova Sloboda in a fit of rage, he left the residence forever. Since then fell into the former Tsar and apartments were also damaged in the early 17th century during the so-called Smuta of Polish-Lithuanian forces. It was not until the mid-17th century, when the Sloboda a wooden palace of Tsar Michael was born, the place flourished again. A little later on the site of the former residence of Ivan the Terrible a convent (today's Dormition Monastery, Russian Успенский монастырь ) donated.

In the 18th century, the former Sloboda has been brought on by urban development patterns, in particular, sprang up along the road leading to Moscow new district. 1778 Aleksandrov received official city status and became a district town in the province of Vladimir - Kostroma ( since 1796: Vladimir province ) levied. From the end of the 18th century Alexandrov was built for a general plan also important textile factories arose in the 19th century. In 1870 the town has a direct rail link with Moscow. The current station building was built in 1903. By building a radio factory in Aleksandrov in the 1930s, the industrialization of the city also continued during the Soviet period.


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Economy and Transport

Alexandrov is both the center of an agricultural area and an industrial town. The main operations are a lighting factory, two electronics plants and enterprises of light industry.

On a side road Alexandrov connection has to the highway M8. In addition, the city has a railway station on the Trans-Siberian belonging to the railway line from Moscow to Yaroslavl. In the area of the Great Alexandrov Moscow Railway Ring crosses the Trans-Siberian route.


Due to its historical significance and the partially preserved buildings from the 16th century, the city Alexandrov belongs to the complex of the so-called Golden ring northeast of Moscow.

The palace complex of Alexandrovskaya Sloboda with numerous churches such as the Trinity Cathedral of the Assumption Church or Church of the Crucifixion is still one of the attractions. On display are also numerous exhibits, which are connected with the life and work of Ivan the Terrible, including his throne of ivory. Today the plant is part of the Dormition nunnery.


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Sons and daughters of the town

  • Irina Davydova (* 1988), track and field athlete
  • Vasily Zubov (1900-1963), philosopher, art historians and historians of science