Eklingji ( sometimes referred to as Kailashpuri = "City of Kailash ") is a small town in the state of Rajasthan (India). It is primarily a Hindu temple city with supposedly more than 100 temples. The town's name means " A Lingam " and refers to the main sanctuary dedicated to the god Shiva.


Eklingji is located about 24 km ( driving distance ) north of Udaipur directly on the NH8 in the Aravalli mountains. The small town of Nagda with his two remarkable Hindu temples is located about two kilometers to the southwest.


The recorded history of Eklingji and its temples to the 8th / 9th Century. In the 13th century, the temple city of the Muslim army units of the Sultanate of Delhi was destroyed under their leader Iltutmish. New temple built - - but were from the ruins - with Hindus actually uncommon probably because the princes of Mewar had chosen the temple site as their family shrine.

Temple district

The temple area is enclosed by a high wall; the entrance is on the south side. The area is densely filled with smaller and larger temples that were donated by members of the royal family and of wealthy merchants and traders. The main temple is a Shiva temple with a - always decorated with garlands of flowers - four-faced lingam made ​​of polished black marble that rises within a yoni and the universality of Shiva ( = faces four directions; Lingam = World axis) symbolizes. Sometimes the four faces with their weißumrandeten pupils also be interpreted as Brahma, Vishnu, Surya and Rudra, the God Shiva are subordinate. Several Nandi bull - the Mounts ( vahanas ) of God - surrounded the Sanktumsbereich ( garbhagriha ). The main temple is accompanied by far recognizable by its high shikhara tower, the support of small turrets ( urushringas ); Primary document and supporting towers are of annular stones boosted ( amalakas ) with vase -like essays ( kalashas ).

Opening times

The temple area is not always accessible for tourists and the opening times are handled quite arbitrary; most of the facility is open during the afternoon hours. Shorter waiting times can be bridged by a walk along the many souvenir shops; with longer waiting times, a trip to Nagda is recommended.