Elisabeth of Brunswick-Calenberg

Elisabeth of Brunswick- Calenberg ( born April 8, 1526 Nienover; † August 19, 1566 in Schleusingen ) was a princess of Brunswick- Calenberg by marriage Countess of Henneberg.


Elizabeth was the eldest child of the Duke Eric I of Brunswick- Calenberg (1470-1540) from his marriage to Elizabeth (1510-1558), daughter of the Elector Joachim I of Brandenburg. Elizabeth was strictly Protestant brought up by her mother.

Elisabeth married on August 19, 1543 in Munden Count George Ernest of Henneberg ( 1511-1583 ). Two years earlier, his brother Poppo Elizabeth had married widowed mother. For the dowry of the Princess of 20,000 guilders her mother, her brother and her cousin Erich Joachim came on. Parts of the dowry and the marriage allowance Elizabeth took over the monastery Weende with 350 guilders. As a jointure Elisabeth were the offices Schleusingen, Themar and Suhl assured. By his marriage with Elisabeth Georg Ernst came up with the most distinguished Protestant houses in Germany in connection.

The 23- year marriage of Elizabeth was considered a " peaceable ", but remained childless. Elizabeth was devoted to piety and charity. Even under the influence of the strictly Protestant Reformation in the mother's county of Henneberg was promoted critical. Elizabeth took in the county on displaced evangelical preacher.

Elizabeth was buried in Schleusingen where in the local castle church an epitaph adorns their tomb, which was already completed in their lifetime. Georg Ernst had caused the death of his wife, the relocation of the family burial place of Henneberger from the monastery Veßra in the Ägidienkapelle to Schleusingen.