Elisabethschule Marburg

The school is located in Elizabeth Ockershausen south of the Upper Hessian town of Marburg. It is one of three public secondary school in Marburg. In the school year 2010/2011 which was named after Elizabeth of Hungary School had 1281 students.

School History

The school was founded in 1879 as a young ladies school, so as all-girls school. During World War II the lessons was maintained until 18 March 1945. After the war was again taught from January 15, 1946, after the military government had granted approval. As of 1969, male students were taken to the now renamed Elizabeth school. In the fall of 2004, the Elizabeth School celebrated its 125th anniversary with a week, during which held an exhibition on the history of the school.

The original school building of the Elizabeth school was in the city center of Marburg in the University Road. It now no longer exists. Mid -1950s was also thanks to the commitment of the former headmistress Dr. Dorothea Hillmann, the new building built in the Leopold -Lucas Road in Marburg south. It was inaugurated in 1957 and in the subsequent period, for example, rebuilt in 1983 by the scientific expansion, and repeatedly and. One of the last date conversions took place in 2002, when the Secretariat, the staff room and library teachers have been redesigned. In July 2003, it was inaugurated on part of the roof of the main building a solar system.

Currently it is thus Elisabethenschule from the three-to four-story main building, which also houses the administration of the Elizabeth school and teacher institutions are housed, the three-story science extension and a third section of the building in which mainly classrooms of the younger grades are housed. In addition, there are two classrooms, which were attached to the gymnasium of the school.

After the recovery, in the summer of 2006 demolition of spaces between the scientific expansion and the third section of the building, there was a two-storey building of the vacated area. The new rooms, including a library, should be originally opened in the spring of 2007, after several delays the date was rescheduled for mid-September.

Between the founding of the school and in 1938 visited a total of 180 Jewish students the then all-girls school. Some of them were also taught by Jewish teachers. Most of the students and teachers left the school before the start of National Socialism. All students and teachers who were at that time still at school, had to leave this between 1936 and the November 1938 forcibly.

For probably 66 former and former students and teachers who did not survive the period of National Socialism and mostly in the concentration camps, was founded in 1993 at the entrance to the main school building a monument in the form of a Star of David, consisting of 66 triangles, built and inaugurated.

Education institutions

For the teachers and especially the students of different age classes, the Elizabeth school offers different facilities.

For the science subjects of physics, biology and chemistry, three classrooms, with appropriate equipment are available, which, however, are not always sufficient. Each one of the three classrooms for physics and chemistry is designed as a lecture hall. For the next time an expansion and renovation of chemistry classrooms is planned, which it connects to the redesign of chemical collection. For the subject of music, there are two music rooms, one with a wing and a equipped with a piano. Both are, however, a stereo system, equipped with a TV and other instruments. The subject of art has three art spaces, one of which is equipped with a beamer. Also have their own room with multimedia equipment available for the subject geography.

With a classic computer room, which is equipped with computers and an interactive whiteboard and takes place in the most computer science education, there is in the Elizabeth school an also equipped with computers multimedia learning center ( MMLZ ), which are very versatile, for example as a language lab for foreign languages, used can. In addition, various specialists and classrooms with computers are equipped.

In the Elisabethenschule several libraries exist. Most important of these libraries is the Learning Resources Library, where most of the required books for the classroom will be issued. It is located, as well as the reading library in a space within the building of the sports hall. In addition to the teacher library on the top floor of the main building there is also a school library on the ground floor as well as various technical libraries, among other things, geography and physics.


For its own student Elizabeth school offers various sports facilities. This includes facilities that are located on the school grounds, such as the football and the basketball court as well as the climbing wall.

The sports hall of Elizabeth School is on the left of the entrance area of the main building. In the small, consisting only of a field hall but only a small part of the indoor physical education takes place. For this purpose, among others, the hall at the Georg- Gassmann -Stadion, the hall of the neighboring high school Philippinum, the hall of the Mercantile schools and the hall of the Waldorf School in Berlin, will be used.

In addition to the main room can be found in the gymnasium of the school also has a small gym, which also can be used as a warm-up room, and which also includes the Learning Resources Library is housed.

The Elizabeth school has its own ashes sports field. This can be used in physical education for different sports, but due to insufficient size not suitable for official football games. Originally, the place of several tennis courts. Each a grass, hard and synthetic turf - - In addition to the own place especially the sports fields in and around the Georg- Gassmann -Stadion be utilized for physical education.

The Elizabeth school has in the north of Marburg own, built in 1930 Boat House, which is maintained by the Alumni Association. A part of physical education, especially the advanced level, takes place there. In possession of the school there are different types of boats: in addition to kayaks and canoes there are also different rowing boats. The boathouse is also often used for parties.

Recreational facilities

The Elizabeth school provides for its students various recreational facilities for breaks and free periods.

The Elizabeth school has two different schoolyards. The large front schoolyard in front of the main building is equipped among other things with ping pong tables, a small soccer field and a basketball court. The rear, situated in front of the third section of the building schoolyard is mainly used by students in grades five and six. There is also the opportunity to rent out for the breaks various sports equipment and toys as well as sporting activities on a climbing wall.

The cafeteria of Elizabeth School is operated by the bakery Rennsemmel. In addition to baked goods during the morning will be in the cafeteria on school days and two lunch variants, one with meat and one for vegetarians offered. In addition, the space of the cafeteria by students is often used as a meeting point and to learn. Opened in 2008, the new cafeteria tract with more space and better equipment.

The upper room on the ground floor of the main building is a room to which only students in grades 11 to 13 have access. Equipped is the space among other things with sofas, computers and a pool table.

Many high school students the space to relax during free periods or for learning is being used.

Range of subjects

In addition to standard subjects the Elizabeth school offers various other subjects to their students.

In addition to English, which is compulsory, all students in grades five to nine, which offers Elisabeth from school in grade six French and Latin as a second language, which are also mandatory until the ninth grade. Starting in grade eight two languages ​​are offered with Spanish and Russian. Russian is offered in cooperation with the Martin -Luther- school and is divided into a native speaker and one native speakers Course. From the tenth grade Italian and Russian can be started as a third or fourth language.

Various subjects such as geography, history, politics and business are bilingual at the Elizabeth school from the grade seven in a class, that is also offered in English. Participation in the bilingual teaching is recorded in the testimony and additionally confirmed at the end of middle school or high school diploma by the certificate.

In foreign languages ​​such as Spanish and Italian cooperates Elizabeth School in high school on a regular basis with the other government schools in Marburg, the Martin Luther School and the Philippinum because often not receive enough applications to offer independent courses in each school.

School Projects

Wide range of projects offered by the Elizabeth school or supported.

As part of the celebrations of the 125th anniversary of the school Elisabethenschule 2004 launched a project to help children, youth and education center in La Paz in Bolivia. In a 24 -hour Spinning could be collected with the help of various sponsors around 20,000 euros. In the following years, the school continued the relief project. In the school year 2005/2006 brought together, among others, thanks to a donation from the high school cohort of over 24,000 euros.

The Elizabeth school participates in the European Union Comenius program. In recent years, student exchanges with students from Finland and Italy took place in this context.

The school offers the following working groups:

  • Astronomy
  • Bridge
  • Band workshop with Vocal Coaching
  • Cheerleading
  • Basketball
  • Comic / Manga
  • First aid
  • Computer
  • Freerunning / Parkour
  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Violence prevention
  • Creative
  • Kung Fu (Kid Kune Do)
  • Arts and crafts
  • Lacrosse
  • Patchwork
  • Performance
  • Rhönrad
  • Around the ball
  • School garden
  • Change make-up, styling, Self
  • Theater
  • In the forest of the wolves
  • Circus


At the Elizabeth School are in the school year 2008/2009 exactly 114 teachers and school board members and 18 trainees employed. In addition, many practitioners of local universities with the teachers are always accompanying the go.

Karl Heinz Fuchs was the Elizabeth school headmaster since 1999. He replaces Dr. Reimer Wulff. His deputy was Karl Goecke. In addition, five other teachers with various tasks members of the school management, such as study leader Hermann -Josef Löhr. With the school year 2009/2010 Tobias Meinel took over the management of the school.

  • Hedwig Jahnow ( 1925-1935 Deputy Headmistress) - Old Testament scholar and first woman magistrate in Marburg; imprisoned because of their Jewish ancestors, she died on 23 March 1944 in Theresienstadt
  • Christiane Uhlhorn ( 1978-1988 ORTRin English and history) as it was previously a Member of the Hessischer Landtag as a teacher, she brought your conviction for Democracy your students like to close.

In the school year 2008/2009 visited 737 students and 557 students, the Elizabeth school. About one third of the total of 1237 students came from the Marburg core city, the districts as well as from the surrounding communities of the district of Marburg -Biedenkopf. Distributes the students were on grade levels five to 13 After the number of new students declined in the late 1990s, there again since then more students in the younger grades. So were in the school year 2005/2006, for example, in Abiturjahrgang 61 high school seniors in the grade seven but 178 pupils and for the school year 2006/2007 school were significantly before more applications than they could pick up students. The same was true for the following school year for which only students from the urban area could be included without pre-selection.

Student Council

The student council of the school Elizabeth was in the school year 2011/2012 a total of 17 students. The SV of the school consists of Head Boy, lower grade speakers, center speaker levels, high school speaker, school council members SV - teachers and volunteers. The object of the SV, it is to look after the interests of the students, among others. It was supported from 2003 to 2011 by the former SV teachers Lars pearl and Heike Betz. Since 2011, Mr. and Mrs. Diedrich Capra are SV - teacher.

High school graduates

The school at the Elisabethenschule end no later than the 13th grade with the final exams provided by the school. Since the school year 2006/2007, a Central High School is written according to the new Hessian school law. The number of high school graduates at the Elizabeth school varies from year to year between 60 and 150

Thus was one of the smallest high school graduation cohorts of Elizabeth School in previous years, the year 2006. Only 61 students, including 39 girls, divided into the four Tutor - advanced courses Mathematics, English, German and history written in late March and early April 2006, the written part their baccalaureate, the end of May and beginning of June and the oral presentations High School followed. The previous year was nevertheless still of 80 students, the follow-up year from 95 people.

Famous former students

  • Pink Friess (Abitur in 1936 at the Elizabeth School ) - painter
  • Margot Käßmann (Abitur in 1977 at the Elizabeth School ) - Pastor, Former President of the Council of the Evangelical Church in Germany and Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Hanover
  • Roland Suso Richter (Abitur in 1980 at the Elizabeth School ) - Film director and producer
  • Thomas Kerler (Abitur in 1983 at the Elizabeth School ) - Professor of Mathematics, currently at Ohio State University
  • Oliver Wölbern (Abitur in 1986 at the Elizabeth School ) - composer, musician
  • Gyburg Uhlmann ( Elisabeth left the school in 1991 after the grade ten) - philologist and ancient scientist, winner of the Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Prize '
  • Victoria Mayer (Abitur in 1995 at the Elizabeth School ) - Actress, plays Detective Chief Commissioner Sofia Lechner in the ZDF television series Stolberg and occupied various roles in film and television productions
  • Lars Weißenfeldt (Abitur in 1999 at the Elizabeth School ) - football player, most recently at FSV Frankfurt, previously at Eintracht Frankfurt and Kickers Offenbach active
  • Laura Stullich (Abitur in 2006 at the Elizabeth School ) - seven -time World Champion and multiple German champion in Wheel Gymnastics

Friends of

In support of a sponsoring school was founded at the Elizabeth school. Members of the association are both parents of students as well as current and former students and teachers of the school. With the annual membership fee of 30 euros, the association supports the school especially with purchases, such as books or even DVD players and other equipment. In addition, among other things, the acquisition of the billiard table for the upper room and the climbing wall for the rear Schulhof has been funded.

Alumni Association

The Alumni Association of Elizabeth School was founded in 1929 for the 50th anniversary of the school. The members of the association have set themselves the goal to maintain contacts between former pupils and teachers. He also supports the school in the procurement and maintenance of teaching aids and grants aid to needy students classes and scheduled cruises. In addition, the association maintains the boat house of Elizabeth School.

Partner schools

  • Switzerland Switzerland: Real and secondary school, Aarberg
  • Finland Finland: Maunulan Yhteiskoulu, Helsinki
  • United Kingdom United Kingdom: Redland High School for Girls, Bristol
  • France France: Saint- John Perse - Pau
  • France France: Lycée Charles et Adrien Dupuy, Le Puy -en -Velay
  • Italy Italy: Scuola media Statale " Colombo ", Taranto
  • Italy Italy: Castano Primo, Milano
  • Russia Russia: High School in 1527, Moscow