The cubit is a unit of length outside the international unit system.

It is considered one of the oldest natural dimensions. It was originally derived from the length of a forearm, but usually measures more than the distance between the elbow and middle fingertip of a grown man. In the Holy Roman Empire of the cubit dimensions were very different. The unit was particularly common among tailors. Because of the unit, one also says a mile long, if you find something long. Even today, 50 cm or 100 cm long standards are referred to in tailoring Elle Schneider.

In different regions were distinguished in small and large yards or they are named after the goods in wool and silk Nelle.

Regional various names

Depending on the region Elle was occupied by another name. The length often varied considerably. The validity ranges given are only representative:

  • Alen: Iceland
  • Arshin: Serbia
  • Arschine: Russia
  • Aune: Switzerland, Basel, France
  • Braccio: Italy, Venice, Bergamo
  • Cade or Moorish spades: Algiers
  • Canna: Spain, Catalonia
  • Canne: France, Montpellier
  • CobId / Cobit: Basrah
  • Cubit: Ceylon
  • Covado (small yard ): Empire of Brazil, Bombay
  • Deral: East India
  • Guz / Gues / GES: India
  • Halibiu / Halebi: Moldova
  • Łokieć: Poland, Krakow
  • Metro: Lombardy, Sardinia
  • Palmo: Italy, Genoa
  • Pik beledi: Cairo
  • Pik stambulin: Cairo
  • Raso: Italy, Nice
  • Bar (unit)
  • Vara (large yard ): Spain, Bilbao
  • In the French East India Elle was the COUDEE and had 2 clamping length, ie 0.5198 meters. This linear dimension also knew the Romans and called it with cubitus.


Vienna cloth and linen Nelle

Homberger Elle

Elle at the Town Hall Celle

Elle at City Hall Alsfeld

North German Ellen selection

  • Bockhorn Stellmaß 1 Brabant Elle = 306.7 Parisian lines
  • Linen trade Jeversche 1 cubit = 298.464 Parisian lines
  • Other trade Oldenburg 1 cubit = 257.5 Parisian lines
  • 1 East Frisian Elle = 298.1 Parisian lines
  • Unbleached linen 1 Brabant Elle

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Elle, antique units

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