En Nahud

12.728.433333333333Koordinaten: 12 ° 42 'N, 28 ° 26' O

To - Nahud (Arabic النهود, also en- Nahud to - Nuhud ) is a town in Sudan. It is located in Dar Hamar, the territory of the ethnic group of Hamar, in the savannah south-west of al - Ubayyid in the state Schamal Kordofan. According to a calculation on - Nahud has approximately 87,000 inhabitants in 2010.

To - Nahud is a center of trade in gum arabic, which is recovered in the area and passes through al - Ubayyid and Port Sudan for export. Peanuts also were in the second half of the 20th century into a major cash crop of the area.

The city has an airport (IATA: NUD; ICAO: HSNH ).


West African pilgrims traveling to Mecca established in the 1850s, the Sufi Order of Tidschaniyya in on - Nahud.

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