Enik ( born March 6, 1980 in Dachau) is the stage name of the Munich multi-instrumentalist and singer Dominik Schäfer.


Was the first professional publication of Enik 2003, the EP Without A Bark, which was released by the Hamburg label Wonderland Records, where also publish artists such as drilling & The Club of Gore, Christian Harder and The Modernist.

In 2004 he was involved in the radio interference album Disconnected, in which he participated in four songs in the songwriting and singing took over; then he accompanied the Rosenheim on their isolated world tour.

Was published in 2006 ( licensed from Wonderland Records) on labels Germany, a sub-label of EMI, the debut album The Seasons in Between, on the different styles of music are combined. The magazine described the intro music as an attempt Prince, Faith No More and Peter Gabriel to interlock with each other; the Internet magazine laut.de drew Tom Waits, Giant Sand and David Bowie for the comparison, but curtailed that so many styles infuse into the music that a comparison list would be too long.

In the same year Enik published exclusively on his website, surprisingly, the EP antenna - including some smaller art video clips.

Was released in 2007 without much drumroll his album Chainsaw Buddha. Among fans of this album is true ( as the Antenna -EP) as a tip.

In the same year launched Eniks jazz career with the band of his new pianist, the Chris Gall Trio, with whom he produced the album Climbing Up, sings at the Enik and write texts.

2008 appeared Thomas Ds solo album marks D. Enik here wrote some songs and has poisoned the songs in my sleep ( No. 10) and Symphony of Destruction ( No. 16) to hear. In addition, he played on the held in the same year tour of Thomas D in the opening act.



  • 2006: The Seasons in Between
  • 2011: I Sold My Moon Boots to a Girl from Greece


  • 2004: Without a Bark
  • 2006: Antenna


  • 2004: Radio Interference "Disconnected" ( guest vocalist / lyricist )
  • 2007: Chris Gall Trio feat Enik "Climbing up" ( guest vocalist / lyricist )
  • 2007: Burnt Friedman "First Night Forever" ( guest vocalist / lyricist )
  • 2008: Thomas D " license plate D" ( composer / guest vocalist / lyricist )
  • 2010: Chris Gall Trio feat Enik "Hello Stranger" ( guest vocalist / lyricist )
  • 2010: The Fantastic Four " For You Still Fanta you " (Composer)
  • 2011: Bertil Mark "Insight Outside" ( guest vocalist / lyricist )

Film Music

  • 2012: "We wanted the sea '(Title Song) Directed by Toke Constantin Hebbeln
  • 2013: "Five Years of Life" (Soundtrack ) Director: Stefan Schaller


  • 2013: " Learn to Swim " Maxim Gorki Theater Berlin (composer / conductor)
  • 2013: "Destruction for Beginners" iCAMP Theatre Munich (composition / actor / co -author )
  • 2014: " Woyzeck / Tom Waits " Staatstheater Mainz (musical director / actor)