ERA is an abbreviation for:

  • Allows Earned run average, a statistic in baseball, indicating how many enemy runs (points) a pitcher average in nine innings
  • Recommendations for bicycle facilities, technical rules in road
  • Endothelin receptor antagonists, see endothelin receptors #
  • Engineering Research Associates (1946-1952), was a pioneer in the manufacture of mainframes
  • English Racing Automobiles, a British manufacturer of sports and racing cars (1933-1954)
  • The brand name of the British car manufacturer Tiger Racing ( since 2003)
  • Compensation Framework Agreement, an agreement between the trade union IG Metall and the employers' association of total metal
  • Equal Rights Amendment, an unrealized Amendment to the U.S. Constitution on equality between women and men
  • UCP 600 ( Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits, UCP English, uniform customs and practice for documentary credits), provide the internationally recognized principles for the handling of documentary credits is
  • Academy of European Law, an international training and a forum for debate for lawyers as a public foundation, based in Trier
  • European Railway Agency European Railway Agency
  • European Regional Airlines Association, an association of more than 230 companies in the European regional air traffic
  • European Research Area, the European Research Area
  • European Robotic Arm, the European robot arm to the International Space Station ( ISS)
  • Evoked Reaktionsaudiometrie ( evoked response audiometry ), an objective method for testing the hearing (eg, in infants )
  • Explosive Reactive Armour, reactive armor is a particular method that will protect armored vehicles against fire

ERA as distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • Poland: powiat Radomszczański in the region of Łódź

ERA stands for:

  • Electronic travel document for foreigners, refugees and stateless persons, he is since 1 November 2007 chip of the new regular travel document

Era stands for:

  • To June 2011 and before that Era Era GSM, a former Polish mobile phone company, today T -Mobile Poland, the third largest mobile operator in Poland
  • Era (TV station ), TV stations in Kazakhstan
  • Era ( musical project ), a French music project
  • Erra (also Era), a Babylonian Pestgottheit that decides who pulls away the plague, and who not

Era is the name of geographical objects:

  • Era (river), tributary of the Arno in Tuscany and lies entirely within the province of Pisa
  • Era (Idaho ), city in the United States
  • Era (Kentucky), place in the United States
  • Era (Ohio ), city in the United States
  • Era (Texas ), city in the United State

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