Ercole, Lord of Monaco

Hercule of Monaco (* September 24, 1562, † November 21, 1604 in Monaco) from the family of Grimaldi was 1589-1604 Lord of Monaco.

Hercule was the third son of Honoré Monaco. He had visited the university and had a university diploma from Pavia. He originally wanted to be a clergyman.

As the second oldest brother had already died on the death of his eldest brother, he took over in May 1589 rule over Monaco. Its main activity was to ablate the debt Monaco after the reign of his brother and to fight against the cash-strapped. Due to economic weakness, it comes in Monaco even famine.

On October 11, 1595 Hercule married the princess Maria Landi de Valdetare, descended from the kings of Portugal and Aragon. The happy marriage ends when Mary dies at the birth of the third child. In the future, Hercule proves womanizer, which he eventually becomes a quagmire. On November 21, 1604 he is behind stabbed, his body thrown into the sea.

Hercules succeeded by his son Honoré II, however, is only seven years old. His guardianship takes over Frederico Landi, Prince of Valdetare.

  • House Grimaldi
  • Mr. (Monaco)
  • Born in 1562
  • Died in 1604
  • Man