Eric Lux

Eric Lux is a Luxembourg entrepreneur. He is with Gerard Lopez founder of the company Genii Capital. Also Lux is co- founder of the Genii Group, Investment Manager and owner of the Formula 1 team Lotus.


Lux graduated from the Swiss Business School Lausanne in 1993. Between 1994 and 1997 he worked as a consultant in Total Quality Management. In 2008 he founded together with Gerard Lopez, the company Genii Capital, a private firm that specializes in investment management and financial advisory services. In addition to his seat on the board of Genii Capital is Lux board member of Gravity Sport Management, the SecureIT, Ikogest, the Lotus F1 team and of various real estate investment companies. He is fluent in German, English, French and Luxembourgish.

Court hearings

17 April 2011 Lux was seriously injured by the Formula 1 driver Adrian Sutil in the context of a physical altercation with a glass near the carotid artery. Both men had after the Grand Prix with several other people visited a nightclub in Shanghai, but sat at different tables. The physical confrontation was preceded by a verbal slugfest between Sutil and Lux. A few days after the injury suffered presented Lux criminal complaint against Sutil for aggravated assault. Adrian Sutil was sentenced in January 2012 to 18 months probation and a fine of 200,000 euros.