• North America

Euceratherium ( = Preptoceras, Aftonius ) was a genus of Bovidae, who lived in North America until the end of the Pleistocene. The animals remembered something to cattle, giving them " shrub - oxen " ( = bush ox ) earned the English names.


Euceratherium was one of the first Bovidae that emerged in America. He lived here in the early Pleistocene, long before the bison (Bison ), which we view as the most typical American cattle. Both genera inhabited over a long period of time at the same time the North American continent, but during the Bison has survived to our day in North America, died of "bush ox " from the end of the Pleistocene. Remains of the last kind Euceratherium collium, were found from northern California to Mexico and east to Illinois.


Euceratherium was built massive and was in size about between a bison and a musk ox. The strong horns were curved at the base upwards and at the top forward.

Way of life

The hochkronigen teeth suggest a grass eater. Possible that the animals preferred hilly terrain.