Giraffe, Gold Crown Flying Fox, Hedgehog and lion all belong to the Laurasiatheria

  • Insectivores ( Eulipotyphla )
  • Bats ( Chiroptera )
  • Pangolins ( Pholidota )
  • Carnivores ( Carnivora )
  • Odd-toed ungulates ( Perissodactyla )
  • Ungulates ( Artiodactyla )
  • Whales ( Cetacea)

The Laurasiatheria are a fixed basis of molecular genetic investigations group of higher mammals with high biodiversity. The name, for which there is no German equivalent to now suggests that they originate on the northern supercontinent Laurasia earlier. The sister group of the Laurasiatheria are probably the Euarchontoglires to which humans belong and with whom they taxon Boreoeutheria form ( Exafroplacentalia ). The last common ancestor of both groups probably lived 85 to 95 million years ago in the northern hemisphere. The separation of the superorders is related by approximately 85 to 90 million year old remains of Zalambdalestiden that rodents ( Rodentia ) ie ( Euarchontoglires ), and Zhelestiden leading to the even-toed ungulates ( Artiodactyla ) can be counted, fossil documented.

In the comparison with the other superorders there are numerous cases of convergent evolution, for example, an adaptation to life in the sea at sea cows of the Afrotheria and the laurasiatherischen whales and seals or specializing on insects at the afrotherischen aardvarks, the laurasiatherischen pangolins and anteaters, belonging to the side hinge animals.

As the only group of mammals, the Laurasiatheria have conquered the Fledertieren ( Chiroptera ) active airspace. The blue whale (Balaenoptera musculus), they are not only the largest mammal, but the largest known animal ever to have ever lived.


The Laurasiatheria are divided into the following taxa:

The orders of:

  • Insectivores ( Eulipotyphla ), including, for example, hedgehogs, shrews and moles are,
  • Bats ( Chiroptera )
  • Odd-toed ungulates ( Perissodactyla ), which include horses, tapirs and rhinoceroses,

As well as two Zwischentaxa with two orders:

  • Cetartiodactyla Ungulates ( Artiodactyla ), for example, pigs, camels and ruminants and
  • Whales ( Cetacea), including the dolphins are counted.
  • Pangolins ( Pholidota )
  • Carnivores ( Carnivora ), which today include the seals.

The Laurasiatheria one expects the extinct orders of Mesonychia and Urraubtiere ( Creodonta ). The assignment of other groups is controversial.