Euro Clear is a clearing house founded by the Morgan Guaranty Trust Co. in 1968 with headquarters in Brussels. Its tasks include the safekeeping of securities ( custody), the settlement of securities transactions (settlement) as well as value added services such as management of collateral (Collateral Management) and the placement of securities lending, but not the actual clearing.

With over 2,000 participating financial institutions in 90 countries and a securities turnover of 500 € trillion euros is clear, even before the competitors Clearstream, the world's largest clearing system for international securities. Euro Clear secures a fortune of 21.4 billion EUR for its customers. The settlement volume amounted in 2010 to more than 490,000 transactions per day.

Euro Clear currently owns approximately 15.8 percent of the shares in LCH.Clearnet.


In 2000, the business of the Brussels office of Morgan Guaranty was transferred euro area Clear Operation Center, which was founded for this purpose Brussels ' Euro Euroclear Bank SA ".

In 2002, the Euro Clear took over the British CSD CREST.