Europop is a Dating back to the early 1970s in Continental Europe variant of the pop music that was coined in the aftermath particular by the group ABBA and gained great popularity worldwide.

Europop was created when continental European musicians began to write pop music for a European and international music market, and their song texts, therefore, rather than in their native language written in English. The texts are therefore usually written in a simple easy to understand English ("high -school- level english " ) and content often undemanding. Another feature are catchy, carefree melodies that can sing along easily and are usually arranged so that you can dance well to them.

As one of the first Europop hits applies Black is Black by Los Bravos, which was created in 1966 to be a hit multi-million selling. In the 1970s, then was Abba, after they had won with the song Waterloo the Euro Vision Song Contest, style icon for the Europop. Other well-known performers from the 1970s, Donna Summer (producer Giorgio Moroder ) and Boney M. (producer Frank Farian ). The Europop influenced in the following period then the musical development in England, where since the 1980s increasingly Europop titles were published, such as Kylie Minogue, Pet Shop Boys and Erasure. After Donna Summer, Boney M and Abba had already been released in 1970's first disco tracks, the Europop developed in the 1980s to Euro disco and in the 1990s continues to Euro Dance. Well-known performers are here S Club 7, Modern Talking, Kim Wilde, Bananarama, Rick Astley and aqua.