Everts Air


Everts Air is an American airline based in Fairbanks, Alaska. It is owned by the Tatonduke Outfitters Ltd. Everts family and is divided into three companies with the trade names Everts Air Alaska, Everts Air Cargo and Everts Air Fuel.

Everts Air Alaska operates scheduled and charter passenger flights, Everts Air Cargo cargo scheduled and charter flights and Everts Air Fuel scheduled and charter flights for liquid fuels of all kinds to the remote places in the interior part of Alaska.


In 1977, Clifford Everts, son of German immigrants, an airline called Everts Air Fuel. Everts bought two former military freighter, a Douglas DC -6A and a Curtiss C- 46A Commando and thus transported tons of gasoline, kerosene, heating oil, kerosene and diesel to remote communities and mine sites in Alaska, which were difficult to reach by land or are. The demand was so great that he enlarged the fleet by the year 2000 to four per C -46 and DC-6.

1993, made ​​his son, Robert Everts, who was already vice president in the company of his father, also own and bought the Tatonduke Outfitters Ltd. together with the Tatonduke Flying Service, the current Everts Air Alaska. After that, he also founded the cargo airline Everts Air Cargo.

The three airlines operate still remote places and, for example, mining and oil production facilities in the interior part of Alaska with everything present on demand and can be transported by aircraft. Apart from Everts Air Alaska former military machine be used even today that are up to 63 years old. The machines are usually flown by veterans of the U.S. Air Force or the U.S. Marines, who have several thousand flight hours under his belt.


As of July, the fleet of Everts Air and its subsidiaries from 37 aircraft consists of:

  • Cessna Skymaster 01
  • 06 Curtiss C- 46F
  • 16 Douglas DC-6
  • 01 Fairchild C -119
  • 01 Piper PA- 32R
  • 01 Cessna 340
  • 03 Douglas DC-6
  • 02 Embraer EMB 120
  • 01 Aeronca 11
  • 01 Cessna 172
  • 01 Cessna 175
  • 01 Commonwealth Skyranger
  • 01 Piper PA-20
  • 01 Cessna 340