EW stands for:

  • Eigenvalue, a mathematical term
  • Input word in the PLC technology (Automation Technology ), see data word
  • Unit, carriage type of Swiss Railways
  • PE, a common in the water industry comparison value
  • Electronic Warfare, English for Electronic Warfare
  • Power station or short E-Werk, are historical designations for a power plant or substation for power supply of electricity
  • Power station Westfalen, a former German company
  • Empty Weight, unladen weight or dry operating weight, see aircraft weight # Weight Definition
  • Entertainment Weekly, a US-based magazine
  • Educational science, the scientific discipline that deals with the theory and practice of education
  • Eschweiler for stations (eg: " EW -West" ) and city buses (eg: " EW2 " )
  • Euro Wings, German airline after the IATA code
  • Written " Ew. Majesty ", Eure, as in " Your Majesty " [abbr of frühnhd. ewer, MHG iuwer ], in Germany until 1918
  • A license plate: Germany: Eberswalde, Brandenburg
  • UK: Chelmsford
  • Estonia: Eesti Wabariik, in the interwar period, the distinguishing sign on the road to the Republic of Estonia
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