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Chelmsford is a town in the county of Essex in England, about 45 km northeast of London. The city is located almost in the center of the county and is its administrative center, although it is not the largest or oldest town in Essex.

Chelmsford has the smallest cathedral in England. John Dee, the Euclid translated into English, attended the school of the cathedral in the 16th century. Chelmsford is also the location for several departments of the University Anglia Ruskin University.


The population status of the City of Chelmsford is 156,000 (2001); approximately one-third live within the city.


About 10,000 commuters a day to London, Chelmsford what makes the busiest transit station in England ( the busiest train station is Clapham Junction ).

The main A12 road from London was originally constructed by the Romans to connect London and Colchester; once intersected the road Chelmsford, today she is redirected to the east of the city.


Since the 19th century Chelmsford is an important industrial center of England. In 1878 the first electric machine factory was built in the United Kingdom, 1898, the first ball bearing factory.

Opened in 1898, Guglielmo Marconi, the "father of radio" the first radio factory in the world in the Hall Street, where initially about 50 people were employed. In 1920 the factory to the site of the first official broadcast of the United Kingdom. 1922 started the first radio broadcasts for entertainment in the research of Marconi in Writtle to Chelmsford.


The attractions of Writtle Chelmsford heard where King Robert I of Scotland married for the second time; further Pleshey, where the ruins of a once- important castle stand. This castle is in the play " Richard II " mentioned by William Shakespeare.

Hylands House and Garden, not far west of the city was abandoned for a long time, but has now been reconstructed. It is open to the public and has been in recent years the site of a popular music festival. Also found in Hylands Park in the summer of 2007, the 21st World Scout Jamboree held.

The former Palace of Beaulieu is located nearby.


The award of the market right by the Bishop of London in 1199, the first recorded mention Chelmsford dar. There were already in prehistoric times settlements in this area. A Neolithic settlement and from the later Bronze Age were found in the Springfield area. Later there was a Roman settlement called Caesaromagus. The remains of an octagonal temple are located beneath the Odeon roundabout

During the Second World War, Chelmsford was attacked several times. The most severe attack took place on Tuesday, December 19, 1944, when the 367 "V2" missile that struck in England, came down near the ball bearing factory. 39 people were killed and 138 injured, 47 of them seriously. Several homes were destroyed and hundreds damaged.

The local football club Chelmsford City Football Club since 1938 is already bearing the name component " City", since it was assumed that the city would have been obtained by the Cathedral this state, but Queen Elizabeth II awarded Chelmsford in 2012 on the occasion of its 60th anniversary jubilee of the title of City.

Twin Cities

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Anne Knight ( * 1786-1862 ), social reformer and feminist
  • Steve Blame ( born 1959 ), British- German television presenter and film producer
  • Najma Akhtar (born 1962 ), jazz singer
  • Keith Flint (born 1969 ), singer and member of The Prodigy
  • Martin Hathaway (born 1969 ), jazz musician
  • Guthrie Govan (born 1971 ), guitarist
  • Thomas Jenkinson ( b. 1974 ), musician
  • Harry Judd ( born 1985 ), drummer
  • Josh Webster (* 1994), race car driver


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