EyeOS is a web based software that provides a web - desktop as a Rich Internet Application via the Internet to a local web browser. Thus, it serves as a platform for web applications that were developed using the eyeOS Toolkit, and includes a Desktop environment with 67 applications and system utilities. About apps it can also be used from mobile devices. As a user, you need only a computer with Internet access and a standards-compliant web browser ( such as Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Apple's Safari, Google's Chrome or Opera). eyeOS can be used both on the official servers, than be set up and used on its own servers.

Thanks to the GNU Affero General Public License, the project of the open source community is free and open to every programmer. Designed eyeos is with a combination of PHP and JavaScript, and follows the continuing Ajax trend. The development of new programs executed by PHP and the eyeos Toolkit, which many other functions and classes, such as the graphical user interface provides.

In the download area translations are available in many languages. Available include the translations into German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese and Chinese. Overall, more than 30 translations are available.

An image used in the virtualization software VirtualBox is available for download from November 24, 2009.

Version History


  • Eyeos 1.6 " Gala Sync": In eyeos 1.6, codenamed the addition of " sync " has been added to clarify that the system can be synchronized via XML -RPC with local files now.
  • Eyeos 1.7 " Lars": In September 2008, Pau Garcia- Milà decided, former project manager, the versions after the German developer and today's product manager Lars Knickrehm to designate 1.7 and 1.8 due to its efforts for the project.
  • Eyeos 1.9 " Mars": a long time, the appearance of this version between eyeos 1.8 and eyeos 2.0 yet on the issue. However, in mid-2009 decided Lars Knickrehm contrary to the opinion of other participants in the name of the project to publish this version yet. The development was delayed due to the internal discussions, but is now also supported again by initial critics. Since the end of December 2009, version 1.9 can be downloaded. The code name is derived from the names of two developers.
  • Eyeos 2.0: In October 2009, insights were placed in eyeos 2.0 for the first time. The community was invited to participate in the upcoming election of a code name. After several articles about the likely functions in early November a first preview for developers has been released. The final version was originally released on January 18, 2010. Meanwhile, the date announcements have been revised to version 2.0.

Free version

The free version of this project describes itself oneye project. Its current version is 0.9.0 (as of September 2012).