Qooxdoo ( English pronunciation: [' kʊksdu ]; own notation: " qooxdoo " ) is a client -side framework for building graphical user interfaces for web applications using the programming concept Ajax. The source code of the project are free and are available under the Eclipse Public License and the GNU Lesser General Public License.

Qooxdoo is a framework for the development of applications that the user calls via their web browser and operated. It turns in a program library numerous based on the JavaScript scripting language components available to adjust the look and feel of Web applications to traditional desktop applications. It uses the Ajax programming concept that allows to process user input without loading the entire web page again.

The name is a corruption of the saying " are you looking at " in Badischer dialect.


  • Portability: These applications run in a web browser and thus are available to the user on all systems on which a supported web browser Qooxdoo type exists (eg Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Safari).
  • Ease of Use: The applications have the usual classical desktop applications look and feel and are therefore easy to use for the user.
  • Customization: The developer can define your own themes and thus adapt the look and feel suitable for your application.
  • Uniformity: The application developed has on any Web Browser over a uniform look and feel.
  • Scalability: Developers can develop new stand-alone widgets.
  • Support: For 2010, a commercial support is planned.

The similarity to classical GUI toolkits such as Qt, Swing, MFC, etc. is also at the programming level, the applications are composed of widgets and controlled by means of events.


The framework was developed by 1 & 1 - started and GMX employees as an open source project.

A similar objective, namely to use the browser as a GUI platform, already pursued the Mozilla project with its XUL technology, this is limited to the browser variants.

Similar to Qooxdoo is the Dojo Toolkit, which also relies on the implementation of a cross-platform GUI purely via JavaScript and DOM.

On 17 December 2009 Qooxdoo has been released in version 1.0.


  • Within the Rich Ajax Platform Eclipse Foundation Qooxdoo is used as the rendering engine for the implementation of the RWT toolkits. This is intended as a counterpart to SWT, implemented with the same software interface, but in Ajax technology for use in the web browser. The developer only needs a source code version for both platforms ( desktop and web browser) to create and maintain. He then decides simply to be generated for which platform the code, the considerable differences between the two platforms are hidden by the frameworks and toolkits.
  • The webmail for 1 & 1 and GMX DSL - mail clients, based on Qooxdoo.
  • The Web Desktop eyeOS Qooxdoo used for creating the graphical user interface.