Eystein Eggen

Eystein Eggen ( born January 5, 1944 in Oslo, † 19 November 2010) was a Norwegian state scholarship and writer.

He published a series of stories from the Norwegian history, including Two Kings (1999). In it, he describes the fate of Philippa of Ebersteins, a German woman who was married to the Norwegian pretender Sigurd Giske during the Kalmar Union in 1450.

Eggen was also involved in the recent history and published in 1993 The boy from Gimle. This work earned him a 2003 a state scholarship. "He is a symbol of a whole generation ," said a social democratic spokesman with the consent of the whole Parliament.

Harrowing father was editor of the Norwegian version of a journal for SS officers, the so-called SS - Leitheft.


  • Hov (1997)
  • Two Kings (1999)
  • The boy from Gimle. Report a Nazi Child ( 1993)