The F -010 telephone junction box was the standard socket in France for subscriber lines. Due to their appearance it is synonymously referred to as T- box. Outside of France, you can find them listed in the following countries: Algeria, Andorra, Bhutan, Burkina Faso, Chad, Comoros, Congo, Djibouti, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Granada, Ivory Coast, Madagascar, Mali, Mauritania, Maurice, Monaco, Morocco, Niger Rwanda, Somalia, Switzerland, Togo and Tunisia.

By 2003, the F -010 connection box was approved as a telephone socket by France Télécom in use. It was used for all telecommunication equipment such as telephone, fax, modem, etc. Their successors since then the RJ connector RJ- 41S in the execution 8P8C. The T- box is described with Spécifications techniques d' interface of France Telecom.

Possibly used for:

  • Line 2, " b " terminal of the third test module for checking the second pair of wires (in conjunction with terminal 8)
  • Line 1 "b": In conjunction with terminal 3, if no plug is inserted

Possibly used for:

  • 1 line "a " connecting the third test module for checking the first conductor pair
  • To allow in conjunction with terminal 1 to the phone's S63 connection: line 1 "a"
  • Line 2, "a": In conjunction with terminal 3, if no plug is inserted

Note: Many phone plugs have only the first 6 terminals.


Nominally located at 54 V DC voltage between La and Lb, in telephone systems are 48V common. The ringing voltage is nominally 70 V AC (50 Hz). In fact, the permissible operating range for the ringing voltage is 25 to 100 Volts is superimposed on the operating voltage.

Test Module

The test module (also RC module ) is used to test the phone line into the can input side. It consists of a resistance of 20 kOhm and a capacitor 2.2uF. This RC - circuit connects the wires a and b, wherein the capacitor is located at a terminal. There are the following versions:

  • Module with 3 ports ( at line 1 terminals 1 and 5 are then connected )
  • Module are connected in the terminals 4 and 6 in series and not plugged phone plug to connect between terminals 1 and 3 is.