F. W. Bernstein

FW Bernstein ( born March 4, 1938 in Göppingen; actually Fritz Weigle ) is a German poet, graphic artist, cartoonist and satirist.


Fritz Weigle is the only son of Frederick and Anna Weigle (born Krathwohl ). He attended high school in Göppingen. Even then classmates called him " amber ". After leaving school in 1957 he studied at the Stuttgart Art Academy. There he met Robert Gernhardt know. 1958 both changed to the University of the Arts Berlin. In 1960 he returned to Stuttgart, where he passed the art teacher exam in the spring of 1961. In the winter of 1961, he took in Berlin the graphic study again, where he simultaneously studied German at the Free University of Berlin. In 1964 he took the examination in the minor subject German.

His teaching career began in 1966 as a trainee Weigle in Frankfurt -Sachsenhausen at the Freiherr- vom- Stein-Schule. He was assessor in Bad Homburg in 1968. In the years 1970-72 he taught at the Georg- Büchner -Gymnasium in Bad Vilbel. He was eventually hired as an art teacher at the Pedagogical University in Göttingen in 1972. From 1984 until his retirement in 1999 he was professor of cartoon and comic in Germany at the Hochschule der Künste in Berlin.

In April 1964 Weigle joined the editorial staff of the satirical monthly magazine Pardon. Soon after - along with Robert Gernhardt and FK Waechter - Pardon the Supplement world in the mirror ( WIMS ), the independent newspaper for a cleaner world, lifted out of the baptism and continued until 1975.

FW Bernstein founded with Robert Gernhardt, Eckhard Henscheid, FK Waechter, Clovis Poth, Bernd Eilert, Peter Knorr and Hans Traxler the New Frankfurt School, whose publication organ from 1979, the satirical magazine Titanic was.

Bernstein lives and works in Berlin -Steglitz. He is married to Sabine Weigle.


  • " The sharpest critics of the moose were once themselves that. "
  • " The important thing is the wait for the second incident. "


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  • 2003 Göttingen moose
  • 2003 Binding Culture Award
  • 2008 Kassel Literary Prize for Grotesque Humor
  • 2008 Wilhelm -Busch Prize
  • 2008 Award for art and writing of Hans Platschek Foundation


  • 2013: F. W. Bernstein - Zeichenzausels showcase. Museum of Comic Art, Frankfurt am Main.