F. W. Jordan

Frank Wilfred Jordan ( born April 16, 1882 in Canterbury, Kent, England;? † ) was an English physicist who developed in 1918 with William Henry Eccles the so-called flip- flop circuit. This was a basic building block of computer technology, for example in memories, clocks, discriminators and much more in many different versions.

Life and work

Frank Wilfred Jordan was born as the son of Edward James Jordan and Eliza Edit Jordan ( maiden name unknown). Secondary education was Jordan at Simon Grammar Shool for Boys in Canterbury, Kent, England. From 1899 to 1904 he studied at the Royal College of Science, where he graduated with Associateship in Physics and Master of Science Degree. In 1912, he was probably " Lecturer in Physics" at the Royal College of Science. In 1918 he was Electrician, (probably electrical Wizard) on " City and Guilds Technical College ". Little is known about him. However, the flip- flop circuit was probably the most important circuit for the computer technology in general, in all its myriad different applications.