F1 Powerboat World Championship

The Formula 1 powerboating (including F1 H2O) is, according to International Federation UIM the fastest outboard boat racing series in circuit racing.


World and European Championships in powerboat racing were once held in several heat races in one weekend at the same place, where in four heats, the worst run of each driver was not included with in the overall standings. 1975 850 cc and 2000 cc was first held in a " long-haul European Championship " in the displacement classes, counted to the up to six races at various venues. In 1980, the U.I.M. the term "Formula 1". In the Formula 1 World Championship Series all outboard racing boats with more than 2000 cm ³ capacity could start. There were only engines from OMC ( Johnson / Evinrude ) for use, initially V6 engines from 1981, the V8 - engines specially designed.

The Mercury racing engines had at that time just under 2000 cc displacement. As competition for Formula 1 in 1981 they founded the " FONDA " World Cup series. FONDA stands for "Formula Drivers Association ON ", the name "Formula ON" comes from the name of the class " ON" for boats with engines of 2000 cc displacement. In part, the acronym has been wrongly interpreted as "Formula One Drivers Association ". In 1983 she was renamed "Formula Grand Prix ' World Cup series. After OMC had ceased production of the 8 - cylinder engines, the formula was 1 not played since 1987. From 1990 awarded the U.I.M. the title to the new racing boat class up to 2000 cc displacement, thereby there started only boats with Mercury engines. In order not to restrict the class to a motor brand, raised the UIM the engine capacity from 2000 to 3 liters and led a sub-groups. In the race, the participants started with a 2- liter Mercury engines, 2.5-liter Mercury engines and only very rarely 3-liter engines Johnson, but proved less competitive. Therefore, now all drivers on Mercury engines are switched.


In the current regulations, there are three classes ( see table). The World Records presented the Italians Guido Cappellini on in 2005.

Comments on the table:

World Championship Series

The Formula 1 World Championship series will be held annually. The number of races is not defined in the regulations, it was in the last few years between six and ten. Every race is composed of:

  • Free training
  • Twice time training with as many as 17 rounds to determine the starting positions
  • Individual Time Training (1 round ) for the top six drivers in qualifying to determine the starting position for the main race
  • Main race over about 45 minutes

The first ten drivers of the feature race will receive according to their placement following points:

The points are added together and determine the end of the season champion.

The race places the last few years were: Doha ( Qatar, 2008-2011), Portimao (Portugal, 2008-2011), Lahti (Finland, 2008-2009), St. Petersburg (Russia, 2008-2010 ), Kiev (Ukraine, 2011 ), Kazan ( Tatarstan, 2011), Linyi (China, 2010), Liuzhou (China, 2008-2011 ), Shenzhen (China, 2008-2010), Abu Dhabi (UAE, 2008-2011), Sharjah (UAE, 2008 - 2011). The last Formula 1 race in Germany took place in Stralsund on August 3, 2003.

More German pilots:

  • Fabian Kalsow