F2FS (Flash - Friendly File System) is a flash file system, which by Kim Jaegeuk ( Hangul 김재극 ) was developed by Samsung for Linux kernel operating systems. It has been submitted for inclusion in the official Linux kernel and the kernel 3.8 for the first time present, but marked as experimental.

With the F2FS a file system should be created that is aligned from the beginning to the characteristics of NAND flash -based storage devices ( such as solid -state drive, eMMC and SD Memory Cards ) who widely used in many systems, from mobile devices to servers are.

Samsung chose the approach of a log- structured file system (LFS ), which has been adapted to newer forms of storage. F2FS also applies as a remedy for some well-known problems of older log- structured file systems, such as snowball effects such as Wandering - Trees and the high cost of clean up.

Since NAND flash devices show different properties, depending on their internal geometry and the flash management scheme used ( Flash Translation Layer FTL), have been complemented by Samsung various parameters, such as establishing on-disk layout and selection of cleanup algorithms.