F4 (company)

F4 is a French company, the Massive Multiplayer Online Games designs and develops.

It was founded in 2002.

The development work will take place in Paris, near the Champs -Élysées. It is also present in Asia, with offices in Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai. These are aligned with the distribution of video games for the Asian market. F4 is part of a group of companies that come from the software development industry and academia.


  • Empire of Sports (publication date not yet known), the first sports MMORPG. There is a prologue version.
  • Exalight Reloaded (2009), massive multiplayer online game with futuristic courses and vehicles
  • Lafuma Unlimit 2 (2007)
  • Eco - Battle with Detritus (2006)
  • Lafuma Unlimit (2005)
  • Stardust Academy (prototype ) (2005 )
  • Castle! Castle! (Prototype ) (2004 )
  • Trium Planeta (prototype ) (2003 )
  • Pocket Castle (prototype ) (2002 )


Centered on topics that are rarely addressed by conventional persistent worlds, such as sports and car racing, target the Games of F4 families and the general public. They combine:

  • Conventional classic game elements of MMOGs, such as developing the skills of the characters through in-game activities (tennis and football games, downhill skiing, car racing, etc. )
  • Play areas, which can be understood by a large number of people, because they are based on familiar worlds, have a quick -to-learn gameplay and include concepts of skill games
  • Concepts of social networks for communication, which allow to build relationships between players and to pursue common interests,
  • A virtual economy, which was mainly inspired by Asian Games and is based on the sale of objects by means of Micro Transactions


Emerging from a merger between the worlds of the engineer and the creative, F4 combines contrasting cultures

  • The Board, composed of persons from the Cabinet of Ministers and large French industrial groups, winner of production methods and management of innovative projects of the video game industry.
  • The high-level development department, which is composed of people who come from well-known computer science and high- tech firm and have all the technology that is used by the developed F4 MMOGs designed (including, network platform, web technologies, 3D engines and physics engines, ...)
  • Multiracial creative departments ( Game Design, Graphic Design ), which are united by your passion for games.

Empire of Sports

From an association of F4 and the Swiss sports rights agency Infront Sports & Media ( world 2nd place in the sports marketing ) will be the first multi-sports universe on the PC.

At the time the game is in a Prolog version.

The Massively Multiplayer Online Role- Playing Game ( MMORPG) allows one to his virtual identity ( his avatar ) interact and proceed to leave the circle of community by various sports are played (football, tennis, basketball, skiing, bobsleigh, athletics, ... )

With the avatar you assume the role of a unique athlete who is making progress and shows gradually a terrific development. He can play in several areas:

  • In the city,
  • In the overall classification,
  • In individual disciplines
  • On soccer fields and tennis courts.

The game brings together so many players behind their computers, as there are people on the field.

The sports are self-contained games, where a meta-level has been created, which has a similar character roleplaying. For each sport, the developers have created a separate game mechanics, different animations and an individual surface. However, it was ensured that the games can be summarized into a whole, especially in the field of game control.

The mix between RPG and action poses a host of challenges: for every sport all of the actions to be ( especially in team sports ) administered by a large number of data. This must comply with the conditions of the network infrastructure ( which enable each client the scene a little bit gets displayed differently than the fellow - caused by network effects such as lag ) and the limitations of the player with respect to the gameplay (as determined by the skill of the player and the skills of its Avatars ) are agreed accommodated.