FC Viikingit

The FC Viikingit is a Finnish football club based in the Helsinki district of Vuosaari. He plays 2010 in the Ykkönen, the second highest league in Finland. The club colors are blue, white and red.


The club was founded in 1965 as Vuosaaren Viikingit. In 1998, the football section was spun under the name FC Viikingit.

From 2002 to 2006 the club played its first match in the Ykkönen. 2006 then succeeded under Jari europaeus, a former Finnish national team, the rise in the First Division, the highest division of the country. But just one year subject Viikingit as a table next to last in the relegation to the Second Table of the Ykkönen, Rovaniemen Palloseura, and rose again from the Ykkönen. In the 2008 season the team finished in second place and missed by a defeat in the relegation against Kuopion Palloseura the promotion back to the top flight. Even in the subsequent seasons reached Viikingit seats in front of the field Ykkönen.