FC Wiltz 71

The FC Wiltz 71 is a Luxembourgian football club from the town of Wiltz. The club colors are red and white. Play their home games at the club from 2000 spectators prehensive Stade Geitz.


The association was created in 1971 from the merger of the two clubs and FC Gold U.S. Niederwiltz a Ro'd Wiltz. In 1978 joined the FC Arminia Weidingen the merger.


The greatest success in the National Division was reaching the 5th place in the seasons 1995/96 and 2005/06. In the national cup, the Coupe de Luxembourg, one was in 2001 in the final against Etzella Ettelbrück, but lost with 3:5.

The young player of the U15 FC Wiltz 71 made ​​it 2010 to go to the second division. They also reached the quarter- finals of the Coupe de Luxembourg, but lost there 4-1 against SC Bettembourg. In 2011 she made ​​it to the first division but have won only score 3 of 30.

Current game squad