The Festool Group GmbH & Co. KG (formerly Festool GmbH ), headquartered in Wendlingen is a manufacturer of electrical and pneumatic tools. The company was founded by Gottlieb Stoll and Albert Fezer 1925 under the name Fezer & Stoll.


The tools division of Festo in 1992 spun off into a subsidiary Festo Tooltechnic GmbH & Co. and dissolved on 1 January 2000 from the consolidated and transferred to the Festool GmbH.

The production facility, which was already three times the prize winners of the competition " Factory of the Year " (2002, 2005 and 2008 ) and " Best Factory " (2011), since 1952 is already in Neidlingen.

Festool has an export quota of 76 % and has a presence in 68 countries, with subsidiaries in 25 countries.

Today Festool is a trademark of TTS Tool Systems AG & Co. KG together with Schneider, Tanos and other firms and sectors.


Festool manufactures a complete line of electric and air tools for woodworkers, painters and automotive refinishers - from Akkubohrschraubern on portable circular saws, jigsaws, train and cross-cut saws, milling, planing, sanders and polishers to special suckers.


The origins of Festool are in 1925, in the founding of the company Festo Albert Fezer and Gottlieb Stoll in Esslingen. Festo specialized in the production of woodworking machinery and revolutionized the market with its portable circular saw AS- 70 and the electric chain mortiser example, 140 These machines allowed to work on site, which was previously not possible. Stoll took over in 1933, the company shares of Fezer and led the company under the name " Festo Maschinenfabrik Gottlieb Stoll " on. 1951 Festo developed the first " slider " ( sander ) it facilitates the surface treatment substantially. In the 50s in Neidlingen created a new production site, is produced at the till today. In the 60s, Festo developed the first orbital sander with dust extraction, so that the response to the health risks when sanding filler component epoxy resin base. 1971 died Gottlieb Stoll and his sons Kurt and Wilfried took over management of the company. The brothers Stoll built next to the power tool division on the company's branch Festo pneumatics. In the 70s, the company expanded internationally and in all European countries and sales offices were established worldwide. 10 years later, in the 80s, the company decided to abandon the area machining centers and to focus on hand-held power tools and systems. By Extractors and exhaust systems strengthened to raise awareness of the artisans for occupational safety and health. 1992, from the Tools division of Festo KG Festo Tooltechnic. 2000 was the founding year of the Festool GmbH and TTS Holding Tooltechnic system. With this step, the tools division from the Festo Group was spun off. The administration of the Festool GmbH and the new TTS Tooltechnic system moved from Esslingen to Wendlingen where you took over in 1998 discontinued premises of Giddings & Lewis. In the production plant Neidlingen approximately 300 employees produce the Festool devices.