Firenze Santa Maria Novella railway station


The head station of Firenze S. Maria Novella ( Firenze SMN short ) is the main railway station of Florence, named after the church of Santa Maria Novella. He is an important link of the TEN- axis from Berlin to Palermo because he the high-speed lines Bologna - Florence and Florence-Rome linked. With the opening of the new high-speed railway station Firenze Belfiore, which currently is under construction, he will lose this feature, however.

The building that his time is an outstanding example of modern architecture was designed in 1932 by the group of architects Gruppo Toscano ( Tuscan Group ), which also included Giovanni Michelucci and Italo Gamberini. In a by the city of Florence competition, the Gruppo Toscano prevailed over more than a hundred other architectural firms. The new railway station was built 1932-1934.

The group Toscano was responsible for the design of the front main building of the station. The platforms and benches, etc., were the official architects of the Ministry of Transport, Angiolo Mazzoni, planned.

The station was designed to replace the aging Maria- Antonia Station by 1848 and to act as a new "Gateway to the town center."

In track 8 on 8 March 1981, a memorial plaque was erected to commemorate the more than a thousand Jews who were deported on March 8, 1944 by here in the Nazi concentration camps.

A musical memorial was set the station of Pupo in his eponymous song.