Fjæreheia is an open-air stage in a former quarry, where the red - granite Fjære was broken. Since 1993, the theater performances of Henrik Ibsen and rock musicals were held in the quarry Fjæreheia. The theater in Grimstad is about 2 km away from the kirke Fjære.

The Agder Teater bought the site in 1995 and built it in the summer of 1999 an amphitheater with about 1,000 seats. The quarry is the stage set with a corresponding acoustics.

Since its development in 1999 found different performances in Fjæreheia instead of Jesus Christ Superstar as a film presentation, readings of the ballad Terje Vigen by Henrik Ibsen and rock concerts by A- ha, Vamp and Bjørn Eidsvåg.