As FLA, FIA or fla be abbreviated:

  • Fair Labor Association to improve an organization with the goal of labor law and working conditions worldwide
  • Fédération Luxembourgeoise d' Athlétisme, Luxembourg Athletics Federation
  • Firefighters badge in the Austrian fire service performance Apply
  • Fiduciary Licence Agreement, a license agreement for the transfer of individual rights of an author
  • File extension (. Fla) Adobe Flash source files
  • Air defense in the army, see flyer and air defense troops School
  • Florida, State of the United States
  • Air Defence in the Bundeswehr
  • Adi
  • " Fondo de Liquidez Autonomica ", a national rescue fund for Spanish institutions
  • Front Line Assembly (sometimes Front Line Assembly posted )
  • Army Air Defence Force ( Air Defence ) in the Armed Forces

Flå stands for:

  • Flå, Norwegian municipality
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  • Abbreviation