Flight operations quality assurance

Flight Data Monitoring (FDM ) is a process in aviation for collecting and analyzing data with the help of a flight data recorder, to improve the efficiency of the flight crew and operational facilities, flight training, the support of air navigation services, aircraft maintenance and aircraft construction.

The ICAO refers to as FDM Flight Data Analysis (FDA ), the FAA calls it Flight Operations Quality Assurance ( FOQA ). It involves the same program. FDM is in ICAO Annex 6 Art 3.6.3 for airlines that aircraft with a max. Operate off weight greater than 27,000 kg, since January 1, 2005 mandatory. For aircraft with max. Takeoff weight of greater than 20,000 kg is recommended to ICAO Annex 6 3.6.2 already since 1 Jan. 2002 to operate a FDM program, but this voluntarily. The method should be used as part of flight safety programs and reduce incidents and accidents continuously.

For all airlines, which is IOSA - is certified IATA Operational Safety Audit in accordance with Article ORG 3.3.13 a Flight Data Analysis Program also mandatory; regardless of the max. Takeoff weight of the aircraft to be operated.

EASA European Aviation Safety Agency has also taken in 1037 Regulatorium EU -OPS as a legislative authority, the ICAO provision accordingly.

FDM is a preventive security tool which provides the " Aircraft Point of View ". In contrast, the features in most airlines also established ADREP the " pilot perspective." FDM is used both during normal flight operations as well as incidents. With the consent of all persons involved in the flight data are collected with the help of the flight data recorder on a scheduled flight. After the flight, this data will be analyzed. It is important that this data is collected anonymously and only for analysis, but do not serve to punish the people involved in eventual misconduct. Only in this way can be in anticipation of objective information on the prevention of accidents are.

FDM data will be used in five areas:

  • In conjunction with databases
  • For routine measurements
  • In accident investigation
  • For continued airworthiness
  • For the detection of security violations

Initially FDM was mainly used when there were no survivors after an accident that could report what had happened to the aircraft. The flight data recorder was and is housed today in a break-and fire-resistant enclosure at the rear of the aircraft.