Florida International University

The Florida International University (FIU ) is a state university in Miami in the U.S. state of Florida. With over 47,000 students FIU is the second largest university in the state of Florida, and seventh-largest university in the United States.


Given the rapid population growth in South Florida since the end of World War 2 1960s, the Congress of the State of Florida approved the creation of the new state university. The FIU was officially established in 1965. The first students were able to enroll in 1972. The 5667 first-year students of the first year presented the hitherto largest Ersteinschreibungskohorte U.S. dar. Since its founding, the University of steady growth.


As a campus of the former Tamiami Airport served in the west of the county of Miami-Dade. Seven years later, the first students were enrolled. This campus, now named after the longtime president Modesto Maidique, continues to act as the main campus. Additional was inaugurated at the end of the 70 years of the north campus ( Biscayne Bay Campus ). The Biscayne Bay Campus is located directly on Biscayne Bay and adjacent to the Oleta River State Park. As the central Universitätsbibiliothek the Green Library functions. It is the largest building on campus. The extensive inventory makes the university library of FIU 's largest library in South Florida and one of the largest libraries throughout the southeastern United States.


In 2011, nearly 48,000 students were enrolled at FIU. The vast majority primarily uses the main campus in the south. The student body is strongly influenced by the high proportion of students with Hispanic background. Almost 60 % of the students arrange themselves into this category.


The FIU has firmly established itself as a research- strong State University in North American higher education landscape. The Carnegie Foundation leads FIU as an institution with " high research activity. " Only statements of these research-intensive universities are fully recognized in Germany. Therefore, students of the FIU are authorized to carry out their academic titles in Germany without additives.

The annual budget of the University is just under $ 1.1 billion. The research expenditures for 2012 are estimated at 104.6 million dollars.

The academic success can be found on several characteristics. Among other things, the FIU was the preferred University of valedictorians ( best of the year that will deliver the closing speech at her high school ) from South Florida. In a US-wide ranking of the most stringent grading systems ( toughest grading system), the FIU was listed in 2011 among the first 16 places.

Courses and scientific institutions

Currently, FIU has 191 study programs. Of these, 60 undergraduate degree programs, 81 master's programs and three are assigned to the " specialist " programs. Furthermore, there are four "professional programs". The ambitious young scientists is formed in 34 doctoral programs. This broad academic offering is provided by 23 faculties and institutions.

The following academic institutions and programs are particularly noteworthy: Faculty of Law ( Law School ): The training of lawyers was incorporated in 2000. The Law School of the FIU was able to establish itself quickly. Since 2005, they can regularly post the success that their graduates have the highest pass rate in the bar exam. The successful passing the bar exams allowed lawyers to act in court.

Hurricane Center: After the massive damage caused by Hurricane Andrew in 1992, the federal government decided to move the National Hurricane Center, a storm-proof buildings. The FIU was awarded the contract and houses since 1995, this research center, which is responsible for the predictions of weather patterns in the tropical and subtropical United States.

Faculty of Medicine ( Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine ): The Hertbert Wertheim College of Medicine was inaugurated in 2009 and is the only state medical faculty in Südfloria.

Faculty of Economics (International Business School ): In a US-wide study of the USNews & World Report's America's Best Colleges, the International Business program in 2012 was ranked yet in 16th place.

School of International and Public Affairs ( SIPA ): flagship of SIPA, the Institute of Administrative Sciences ( Department of Public Administration). Attached to the Institute are a research center for urban research and a research center for management in Latin America. Professors of administrative sciences institute established in recent years twice the president of the most important administrative sciences association of the United States, ASPA.

Hospitality Management: The Chaplin School of Hospitality and Tourism Management was named " Program of Distinction ". 2002 has seen the first place in the evaluation by the students, the faculty at a ranking. Since 2012, teachers and students to conduct their own pilot brewery.

High school sports

The sports teams of the FIU operates under the name Golden Panthers. In 1998 the college of their organizational ties within the NCAA Division I Atlantic Sun Conference to the Sun Belt Conference. After the realignment of 2013, the Panthers were transferred to the Conference USA.

Since 2002, the FIU on its own football program. After bitter defeats in the early years, the team was able to establish itself in the southwestern United States. 2010, finished the season as No. 1 on the Sun Belt Conference, and then won with the "Little Ceasar 's Pizza Bowl" the first Bowl. The dramatic game against Toledo ended 34:32 and was decided in just before closing with a spectacular turn, referred to the university as " Motor City Miracle ".