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  • Shivan S. Subramaniam
  • Jonathan W. Hall
  • Thomas A. Lawson

FM Global is an American industrial insurance company whose business model is based on the property assurance through risk analysis and risk mitigation. The offer includes general and specialized risk management, materials research, materials testing and certification, especially in the field of protection against natural disasters and fire protection. Objective of risk management is the best possible prevent damage to property by appropriate measures of loss prevention. The insurer believes that the majority of all industrial property damage is preventable.


FM Global is a mutual insurance company. All customers are members of FM Global and have performance-related credits members participate in the economic success.


FM Global is basically to risks differently than other insurance companies. Based on the conviction that it is better and cheaper for companies to avoid damage, as they fix in hindsight, the company offers in addition to comprehensive insurance benefits to particular advice in the areas of risk management and loss prevention.

Therefore, more than 1,800 engineers working for FM Global Worldwide. They analyze and evaluate the existing risk at the customer's potential. Based on this analysis will be developed together with the customer, what organizational and structural measures should be taken to reduce the risk of damage. In addition to the engineering experience and the expertise gained in the company for more than 175 years of knowledge, the research results from the FM Global Research Campus in Rhode Iceland, USA, the foundation of risk analysis.

FM Global has been working exclusively on industrial insurance market. Through its subsidiary Affiliated FM Insurance also for small and medium-sized enterprises are offered. According to the company every three Fortune 1000 companies use the services of FM Global. Through its German plant in Frankfurt am Main FM Global insured nationwide 4,900 locations with an insurance value of over 230 billion euros.

Research Campus

In the U.S. FM Global operates its own research and testing center ( " Research Campus " ) on an area of ​​648 ha in West Glocester, Rhode Iceland. In According to the company the world's largest and most modern research and testing center of its kind scientific studies in the fields of fire protection engineering, natural hazards, electrical hazards and hydraulic be performed. Among other things, the fire behavior of different materials, the behavior of certain materials under storm conditions, the explosion behavior of powdered materials and the effectiveness of certain fire protection equipment and techniques such as sprinkler systems is investigated. In addition to the basic research also concrete questions of customers for products subject to investigation and material testing are. The results are incorporated in concepts and techniques for active loss prevention.

Center for Property Risk Solutions

In Norwood, Massachusetts FM Global 2011 has also taken a center for loss prevention ( Center for Property Risk Solutions ) in operation. The focus of the system is the so-called SimZone. In this section, realistic simulations of everyday environmental and hazard scenarios like fire, the release of flammable liquids, building risks, system defects and electrical hazards to be around 1,100 m2 simulated and examined. The Center for Loss Prevention also includes research departments of the company, departments for testing and certification of products, the development department for technical property protection guidelines, and training rooms of the training department Enterprise Learning.


Today's insurance company FM Global was founded by the textile mill owner Zachariah Allen in Rhode Iceland, USA and Manufacturers' Mutual Fire Insurance Company in 1835. Over the years, created by the merger with other insurance companies, the Group Associated Factory Mutual Fire Insurance Companies ( short Factory Mutual ). From this short form of the name, the acronym FM originates current name FM Global. In its present form, FM Global was formed by the merger of sister companies Allendale Mutual Insurance Company, Arkwright Mutual Insurance Company and Protection Mutual Insurance Company in 1999.


FM Global is today an internationally active in over 100 countries industrial property insurer, which also offers engineering consulting in the field of loss prevention and risk management. In fiscal 2013, the Company had $ worldwide via a gross portfolio of $ 5.6 billion and reserves of 9.7 billion U.S.. The net profit was 1.02 billion U.S. dollars. Although the company is organized as a cooperative insurance company, the premiums from the competition with the listed competitors are determined in the market. The added advantage for the customer is in the reduced by the risk management risk of damage as well as in better terms, such as a higher coverage or higher volumes.


  • The rating agency Fitch assesses the financial strength of FM Global with AA ( "very strong" ).
  • , Which specializes in insurance rating agency AM Best rates the financial strength of FM Global A ( " Superior ").
  • 2013 awarded the Business Insurance Magazine FM Global in the category Buyers Choice Awards as the best industrial property insurers from.
  • The magazine Euro Money has FM Global named " Best Property Insurer in the World" in April 2008.
  • FM Global was awarded in 2004 and 2005, the title of "European Industrial Company of the Year ".