FMC stands for:

  • Federación de Mujeres Cubanas, Federation of Cuban Women
  • Fixed Mobile Convergence, a name for the convergence of fixed and mobile telephone networks
  • Flight Management Computer, Computer in commercial aircraft, see Flight Management System
  • FMC ( fighting dogs ), mixture for the treatment of bacterial infections, Ichtyo and parasites in the aquarium
  • Fresenius Medical Care, a provider of dialysis products
  • Ford Motor Company, see Ford
  • Forward Motion Compensation, see motion compensation
  • FPGA Mezzanine Card, which is targeted at the needs of FPGA daughter card standard
  • Fundamental Modeling Concepts, a semi-formal methodology for the communication of complex software systems
  • Francisco Motor Corp. (Philippines)
  • Federal Maritime Commission, a regulatory authority for sea transport to and from the United States
  • FMC Corporation, a US-based chemical company
  • FMC Technologies, a US-based provider of services and equipment for the oil industry
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