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Foa is next Lifuka one of the two main islands of Haapai, one belonging to Tonga archipelago. The coral island has an area of 13.39 km ² and is connected to the neighboring island Lifuka in the south via a 1 km long bridge.

The island has a surface area of 13.4 km ². The population rose from 1434 to 1479 between the censuses of 1996 and 2006 is spread over six villages.:

  • Fakale'ounga (185)
  • Fotua (300)
  • Lofotoa (397)
  • Faleloa (401)
  • Ha'afakahenga (115)
  • Ha'ateiho si'i (81 )

The latter two villages with Faleloa are sometimes considered to Faleloa duly considered, so that in the result of four villages on Foa is the question.

In the entire island territory petroglyphs can be found.