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Lifuka is next Foa one of the two main islands of Haapai, a claim belonging to Tonga archipelago. The coral island has an area of 11.42 km ² and is connected to the neighboring island of Foa in the north via a 1 km long bridge.

Capital is Pangai, which forms the largest settlement in the archipelago with 1445 inhabitants. Other cities are: Haatou, Tongoleleka, Holopeka and Koulo. Haatou and Tongoleleka have grown together with Pangai and form a settlement geographical unit. On some maps appeared instead of the three villages, only the coalesced place under the name Lifuka.

With the Lifuka Iceland Airport are in the north of the island 's only airport Haapai.

In Pangai is the grave of Shirley Waldemar Baker, and a monument there to remind him.

In the south of the island fortress Velata should have been located where George Tupou I. 1826 the Tui Tonga Laufilitonga defeated.

In Tongoleleka there is a reference from the time of Lapita culture.