Forshaga is a locality ( tätort ) in the Swedish province of Värmland County, chief town of the same name. The town lies on the river Klarälven about 20 km north its mouth in Lake Vänern.

It is a relatively modern settlement that grew up with the Industrial Revolution due to a paper mill located here. There are few old buildings. Thus, the local church was inaugurated on 20 March 1921. For the development of the construction of a railway line between Hagfors and Skoghall was beneficial. Today, that no longer exists and the former rail bed is used as a hiking and biking trail.

Despite its proximity to the city of Karlstad, the services of the place is quite diverse. There are several shops, health facilities and restaurants, a hotel and a hostel. The latter is located in the so-called castle. Tourist themselves Forshaga specializes in fishing.

Sons and daughters of the town


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  • Place in Värmland County
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