An attachment is a building that is built to protect a place or a landscape against the destruction by humans, animals or nature. It represents a threat against an obstacle. In the military arena they are referred to as fortification or weir.

Constructional aspects of fortifications

Components of an attachment are as fences, ditches and walls, wherein the natural terrain often included in the overall concept of attachment with and thus an integral part thereof.

Dykes and embankments to hold the water (flooding, storm surge ) of the underlying managed and / or residential land; Embankments to prevent such Wegspülungen the embankment.

Hang fasteners securing embankments on steep terrain against slipping ( rockfall, debris flow ). Special slope fixtures are torrent and avalanche barriers.

Previously, the totality of all related to the art of fortification facilities were grouped under the name of genius beings.

Military mounting

Locations to be defended are attached to increase the combat effectiveness of the defender to facilitate the defense and to complicate the pros and penetration of the enemy. Towns and villages can be secured by walls, ditches and militia. Even provisional military camp (field mounted) can be fixed by quickly be erected picket fences and dug trenches. Another project includes towers, parapets, battlements, Hurden and gates. The highlight of the military fortifications are fortresses / forts, castles and city fortifications with bastions, moat and glacis, and bunker.

Examples of border fortifications ( cordon ) are the Roman limes, Hadrian's Wall between England and Scotland, the Great Wall and the Danewerk in Schleswig -Holstein, then part of the Danish Jutland.

The system of military fortifications carried out as part of a redesign of the site, which is aimed

  • To the idle state by the armed forces and armed agents, the accommodation necessary for the preservation of the warlike state creates (manufacture of accommodation spaces and storage buildings )
  • On the march to and on the battle field, by facilitating the movements of one's own troops and the enemy more difficult ( new construction, repair and destruction of roads )
  • By bringing to the firefight and the effect of their own weapons to advantage against the enemy covers ( Setting up the Pre- busi ness, investment of collateral )
  • On the melee attack ( Storm ) by staying the opponent (fixing itself, installation of barriers )
  • Mounting Type
  • Construction ( earthworks )