Four's a Crowd

Love to fourth is an American comedy starring Errol Flynn, Olivia de Havilland, Rosalind Russell and Patric Knowles. It was directed by Michael Curtiz.


Patterson Buckley, the young owner of a publishing house, considered a newspaper to close. Jean, the reporter of the leaf, defends himself and beats Buckley ago, the former editor in chief Robert Lansford adjust again. But Patterson had this self- released and Robert is a hopeless womanizer and now leads another company. Without knowledge of Buckley she brings Bob back. This says just as he learns that Buckley is with Lorri Dilling well in a relationship. Bob wants to win Lorris grandfather, the millionaire John P. Dilling well as clients. Therefore, Bob comes back to the publisher. He told Pat that he and Jean were together. Bob is John Dilling well as a misanthrope as to increase the circulation of the blade and Lorrie then terminated their relationship with Patterson Buckley.

Well Bob, John Dilling Well tries to convince supplement using the newspaper 's image. Dilling Well refuses: he ysei his image no matter, but Bob takes him to a race of toy trains - what his image but aufbessert. Dilingwell is so excited that he takes Bob as clients. Patterson dentkt that Jean is in love with him and Lorri thinks the same with Bob. Here, Bob and Jean are now a couple. When it comes to an affair Dilling Wells, Bob has to prevent this Jean printed in the newspaper. In the end they become a couple and also Lorri and Patterson reconcile again.


Producer Hal B. Wallis and director Michael Curtiz had already worked together in the same year and the much better-known classic adventure Robin Hood, King of the Vagabonds rotated. In this the lead actors Errol Flynn had (Robin Hood ) Olivia de Havilland ( Maid Marian ) and Patric Knowles (Will Scarlet) played together. With Rosalind Russell was added an experienced comedy and musical film actress who was a total experienced in this genre. The supporting roles were filled by experienced character actors like Walter Connolly and Melville Cooper. The film with elements of screwball celebrated premiere in the fall of 1938 and was first shown in Germany in 1977 on television.


The reviews of the film from many shared. So wrote a newspaper, the film was the worst of the year and if not, then only a hair's breadth. The roles are viewed as weak and the main characters would act as "fugitive from the asylum ." They would also think that it would be funny, but what they are not. Flynn should only rotate adventure films and Russell should be convinced that MGM was better for them. Knowles and DeHavilland should be forgiven, for they know anyway what they do. Other critics used for the film ambiguous names like crazy and turbulent. The film did indeed only one goal, which is to make the audience laugh .. Today's Internet reviews praise the dialogues that would be tiring for the audience but to the end. What was then cheeky, WOULD slightly dusty today.