Framework (office suite)

Framework is a technology developed in 1984 by Robert Carr for the IBM - PC office suite. Framework was later bought by the company Ashton- Tate ( known as a manufacturer of dBASE ) developed and. Framework includes, inter alia, a word processor, a spreadsheet, business graphics module, a desktop database, and a communication module. It is characterized by a graphical user interface and a unified in all areas of operation. It also has a powerful and perfectly integrated macro language called FRED. Framework was launched as a competitor to Lotus Symphony and SPI Open Access to the market. The last developed by Ashton- Tate version was released in 1989 as a framework IV. With the advent of Microsoft Windows framework has been increasingly insignificant and could not free himself from programs such as Microsoft Office.

Framework is now further developed by the company Selections & Functions, Inc. and is now available in the IX version ( since late 2008 ). A version of X is in the works.