Francesco Bracciolini

Francesco Bracciolini (* November 26, 1566 in Pistoia; † August 31, 1646 ) was an Italian writer.


Francesco Bracciolini came at the age of 40 years in the clergy, was secretary to Cardinal Maffeo Barberini, later Pope Urban VIII, whom he accompanied on his mission trip to Paris. Later Bracciolini lived in his native town as a freelance writer and poet.

After Urban had been elected pope in 1623, he called to Bracciolini to Rome and gave him the nickname dalle api ( " the bees " ) and the right to lead the three bees of the house in the Barberini coat of arms. According to Urban 's death, Bracciolini moved back to Pistoia, where he died on 31 August 1646.

From his poems, which are sometimes serious, sometimes comic genre, the comic epic Dello Scherno de gli Dei ( "From the Verhöhung of the Gods" ) ( first Florence in 1618, best of Milan in 1828, 2 vols ), a mockery of the ancient world of the gods, became the most famous.

Great luck did his time also his serious heroic poem: La croce racquistata ( " The reacquired Cross" ), in 35 cantos ( first Florence and often 1618), was the earlier of some critics even a place immediately behind Tasso's " Gerusalemme " dependent. In addition, one has from as yet mingled some excellent Eclogues and a number of " poetry giocose " ( the most complete pile. 1826, 2 vols ).


  • Ladies and prostitutes. Erotic Stories. Bertelsmann Verlag Book No. 5858/8 (the book contains 30 short stories of Bracciolini )
  • Author
  • Poetry
  • Literature ( Italian)
  • Historical person (Italy )
  • Born in 1566
  • Died in 1646
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