Barberini family

The Barberini were an Italian noble family.


The family came originally from Tuscany and settled in the 11th century in Florence down. Your original name Tafani took off her and took her to the Tuscan headquarters Barberino Val d' Elsa. Until the 17th century it came to great wealth and influence, so that it even managed to make a Pope Urban VIII.

Urban VIII, Maffeo Barberini bourgeois, occupied high positions with his relatives. The sons of his brother came to particular Reputation: Francesco Barberini, he made the Kardinalnepoten, Antonio Barberini Cardinal and Duke of Urbino.

For its construction in Rome Urban Colosseum was free as a quarry; the bronze ceiling of the portico of the Pantheon he was melted down to be produced cannons for Castel Sant'Angelo. At these destructive practices of the ancient monuments still echoes from the Latin quote of Pasquino Quod non fecerunt barbaric, fecerunt Barberini ("What the barbarians did not manage, managed the Barberini ").

After the death of Urban VIII Innocent X. came to the papal throne, who managed to break the power of the Barberini. 1738 died from the male branch of the family. Giulio Cesare Colonna, a descendant of the mother, took over the crest and the name and so founded the family branch of the Barberini - Colonna.

Coat of arms

The coat of arms shows three Barberini bees. The cityscape of Rome to find them often through the construction of Urban VIII.

" The Barberini were originally called Tafani and came from Barberino in Tuscany. In their coat of arms they had Tafani, so horseflies, and those are not even particularly sophisticated flying. When they came to Rome and Maffeo Barberini as Pope Urban VIII was, because you have ennobled the family and they finished the brakes in its coat of arms to bees. "

Family members

  • Maffeo Barberini (1568-1644), Pope Urban VIII
  • Antonio Barberini (1608-1671), Duke of Urbino and Archbishop of Reims
  • Antonio Marcello Barberini (1569-1646), Cardinal
  • Francesco Barberini (1597-1679), Kardinalnepot Urban VIII
  • Taddeo Barberini (1603-1647), 1st Principe di Palestrina
  • Maffeo Barberini (1631-1685), whose son, 2nd Principe di Palestrina
  • Urbano Barberini (1664-1722), whose son, 3 Principe di Palestrina
  • Cornelia Costanza Barberini (1716-1797), whose daughter, Principessa di Palestrina 4

More namesakes and descendants

  • Urbano Barberini (actor ) ( born 1961 ), Italian actor
  • Bonaventura OCap Barberini (1674-1743)


After the Barberini are named:

  • Piazza Barberini, Rome
  • Palazzo Barberini, Rome
  • Palazzo Barberini, Palestrina
  • Barberinischer Faun in the Munich Glyptothek (originally from the collection of the Barberini)
  • Portland Vase ( Barberinivase ) in the British Museum ( also from the family collection )
  • Barberini diptych
  • Nilmosaik of Palestrina ( Barberinisches mosaic), antique image mosaic from the Sanctuary of Fortuna in Praeneste, today's Palestrina