Antonio Barberini

Cardinal Antonio Barberini (* August 4, 1607 in Rome, † August 4, 1671 in Nemi), Duke of Urbino, was archbishop of Reims, son of Carlo Barberini and nephew of Pope Urban VIII


The younger brother of the Cardinal Dean Francesco Barberini was born on August 30, 1627 Cardinal Deacon of the titular church of Sant'Agata dei Goti, was from 1628 to 1632 Cardinal Deacon of the titular church of Santa Maria in Aquiro, 1631 Duke of Urbino, in 1637 the Cardinal Priest of the titular church of St. Peter in Chains, from 1642 onwards of Santa Maria in Via Lata, from 1653, of Santissima Trinità al Monte Pincio, was in France under Louis XIII. Bishop of Poitiers, then Grand Almoner, 1638 cardinal chamberlain and in 1657 Archbishop of Reims, returned to his reconciliation with the pope returned to Italy and died in 1671 in Nemi. He distinguished himself as a promoter of science and wrote poetry himself in Latin and Italian.

Barberini scandalized in the 1640s, Roman society through his love affair with the singer Leonora Baroni, whom he eventually married with his private secretary Castellani, and his subsequent long-standing friendship with the homosexual castrati Marc'Antonio Pasqualini

Barberini was Grand Cross Knight of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta and 1635-1639 Grand Prior of the Grand Priory of Rome, the Order of Malta.