Frank Ronan

Frank Ronan ( born 1963 in New Ross, County Wexford ) is an Irish writer.

Life and work

Ronan was born in 1963 in the south-east County Wexford, Ireland, the second of ten children of a Catholic family. Already in 1989 published his first novel, The Men Who Loved Evelyn Cotton (Eng. 1997 The man who loved Evelyn Cotton ) was awarded the prestigious Irish Times Aer Lingus Literature Award. Except with Evelyn Cotton Ronan was in the German-speaking countries, especially with the previously published here Dixie Chicken ( 1994, German 1996) known. His novel hOme of 2002 (Eng. 2003 Cosmic dancer ) is designed as the first volume of a four-volume (auto) biography of a 1963 born boy named Coorg. Ronan's works are published in German in Frankfurt Eichborn Verlag, repeated in the translation by Bernhard Robben.

Ronan lived in France and in England; now he moved back to Ireland.

Awards (selection)

  • Irish Times Aer Lingus Literature Award


  • The Men Who Loved Evelyn Cotton. Novel, London 1989 dt: The man who loved Evelyn Cotton. Eichborn, Frankfurt am Main 1997, ISBN 3-8218-0542-0
  • German: Picnic in Eden. Eichborn, Frankfurt am Main 1999, ISBN 3-8218-0594-3
  • German: Dixie Chicken. Eichborn, Frankfurt am Main 1996, ISBN 3-8218-0485-8
  • German: Cosmic Dancer. Eichborn, Frankfurt am Main 2003, ISBN 3-8218-0916-7