The Franz Hessel Prize is a German - French literary prize.


Namesake of the prize is the German writer, translator and editor Franz Hessel (1880-1941), who with his life and his work an intermediary between the countries and cultures, particularly between Germany and France. The award is given to each one German and one French-language author or an author. Prerequisite for nomination are a current release, if possible, the year of the award, and that the work has not yet been translated into German and French. " This publications are taken into account, which primarily reflect the present and the permit under the influence of change of worlds one -time diagnosis and invite you to a bridge into each other's country ."

The award is given annually, it is endowed with prize money of 10,000 euros. The price is connected to a writer in residence of the Foundation Genshagen. He will also contribute to the novels of the winners and prize winners will be translated into German and French.


The Franz Hessel Prize was re- founded in 2010. Initiators are the German " Stiftung Genshagen " and the French "Villa Gillet " (Lyon). The price is Funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media and the French Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication. The winners are selected by a Franco-German jury, the current Nils C. Ahl, Francesca Isidori, Christine de Mazières, Augustin Trapenard and Guy Walter and Hatice Akyün, Thorsten Dönges, Maria Gazzetti, Hans -Peter Kunisch, Petra Metz and Ulrike Vedder members (as of January 2011).

The award was presented for the first time on 10 December 2010 i.Br. of the German Culture Minister Bernd Neumann and France's Culture Minister Frederic Mitterrand as patrons as part of the Franco-German Council of Ministers in Freiburg awarded.

Award winners

  • 2013: Jonas Lüscher for his novella spring of barbarians and Frédéric Ciriez for his novel Mélo
  • 2012: Andreas Maier and Eric Vuillard
  • 2011: Thomas Melle and Céline Minard
  • 2010: Kathrin Röggla and Maylis de Kerangal


More prices with similar objectives:

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  • André Gide Prize, the translations into the other language in fiction promotes