Franz Tausch

Franz Wilhelm Tausch ( born December 26, 1762, Heidelberg, † February 9, 1817 in Berlin) was a German clarinet virtuoso and composer.

Franz exchange was one of the first major clarinet virtuoso. At age six, he was already informed exchange of Jacob his father, and two years later he was already a member of the electoral court orchestra in Mannheim, where he played clarinet and violin. When the Court in 1778 moved to Munich, also exchange his home turned his back. From Munich he began to further his career as a clarinetist and to be heard as a traveling virtuoso. Together with his colleague Peter Orchestra of winter he went to 1780/81 with an electoral scholarship to Vienna to study with Antonio Salieri. On April 1, 1789, he took his leave in Munich and took up a position as a chamber musician in royal service to Berlin, where he also played in the orchestra of King Friedrich Wilhelm II. Also under his successor Frederick William III. seemed exchange in Berlin, where he founded in 1805 together with other virtuosos finally the Conservatorium of wind instruments. Among his many students being so famous virtuosos such as Bernhard Henrik Crusell Heinrich Joseph Baermann and. In Berlin, he was a member of the Masonic Lodge " Urania to immortality "

In exchange works includes additional concerts for his instrument, some concertante symphonies and numerous chamber works.